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Tiling the bakery!

Jo Perry

  • So here it begins. I have up loaded an app on my phone so that I can blog a bit more easily. On the go as it were. So I thought I would begin at the beginning of a new season. We're gearing up, planting, clearing ground, tiling, cleaning, organising and raising kids! Some times I wonder why and how we are managing all of this. As a family we have always seen a job that needs doing and figured a way to do it outselves. Like when we needed to put a bridge across the railway cutting. Dad did a bit of research and figured out how to build a bridge that still stands today, thankfully! And in that same vain we needed to tile the bakery before the start of the new season, so I took a few tips from YouTube and off I went! I loved it, peaceful, mindful work. Like assembling a puzzle. And the same sense of satisfaction as when you complete that puzzle! Look what I made 🙂 totally chuffed. If the cafe fails I know what I'm going to be doing. 

Tessa's tiling