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Tiling the bakery!

Jo Perry

  • So here it begins. I have up loaded an app on my phone so that I can blog a bit more easily. On the go as it were. So I thought I would begin at the beginning of a new season. We're gearing up, planting, clearing ground, tiling, cleaning, organising and raising kids! Some times I wonder why and how we are managing all of this. As a family we have always seen a job that needs doing and figured a way to do it outselves. Like when we needed to put a bridge across the railway cutting. Dad did a bit of research and figured out how to build a bridge that still stands today, thankfully! And in that same vain we needed to tile the bakery before the start of the new season, so I took a few tips from YouTube and off I went! I loved it, peaceful, mindful work. Like assembling a puzzle. And the same sense of satisfaction as when you complete that puzzle! Look what I made 🙂 totally chuffed. If the cafe fails I know what I'm going to be doing. 

Tessa's tiling  


Overjoyed to win the Irish Times "Best Café/Teashop in Ireland"

Orlagh O'Brien

This is an intervention from the webmaster, because those Perrys will never toot their own horn. It's two weeks since the announcement by the Irish Times of "Best Café/Teashop in Ireland 2015" and barely a flutter here. The word has finally got out and West Cork's best kept secret has been spilled. Glebe Gardens Cafe and Gardens is a truly special place and worth the drive along the spectacular coastline. Check out the Irish Times review below. I agree with Myrtle about the chocolate cake. 

"A Baltimore spot family set up with open gardens, live music and great tea"

"A Baltimore spot family set up with open gardens, live music and great tea"

Irish Times, Saturday August 29th:

Glebe Gardens and Café is a Baltimore spot set up by Pete and Jean Perry, a couple who ran a market garden and farm shop in Gloucestershire, and who, while on a sunshine-filled family holiday in the 1980s, fell in love with Baltimore.

They were cautioned about the weather but, completely smitten, put their farm on the market and started house hunting. They fell for the Glebe, a rectory on five acres of coastal grounds overlooking Church Strand, Baltimore in 1989.

Instead of hanging up their hoes, they opened the gardens to the public and started serving teas, first in the house and then in a refurbished cow shed.Three of their daughters run the business. Tessa and Kez do the cooking, while Jo-Jo runs front-of-house. “Rather than it just being a sales pitch, they really do grown their own vegetables,” says judge Simon Pratt.

“You might even see one of the family watering their special heritage tomatoes in the polytunnel as you wait for your salad of just-picked greens served with a slice of crab tart.”

Reader Myrtle Collins agrees it’s worth a detour for “the best chocolate cake in the world” .

Events, mainly gigs and plays, take place in the amphitheatre, an artificial hollow created when the family filled in a railway cutting on the old Baltimore to Cork line that used to transport fish to market. On a dry summer’s evening you can sit on a picnic blanket and listen to bands. If it rains, the action moves to the courtyard, where sails act as awnings.

You can buy old-fashioned flowers, fresh produce, or wander the gardens where chickens have free-rein and there are goats bleating. “It is the end of the line, but what they’re doing is special and worth a detour,” says Pratt.

It is available for private hire for weddings and parties, open weekends only in low season, and closes completely in January and February.

Glebe Gardens & Café, Baltimore, Co Cork, tel: 028-20579,

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